Membership to the Crystalline Emotion® List [coming in September 2020]

This membership is a little different than you might expect.

We have a strong drive as human beings to “get there”. That drive is rooted in a deep desire to evolve. And sometimes we get impatient! That impatience can make us skip over the true gold of the human experience.

So, as much I would like to simply give you all the translations, that would be flying right past the gold you might not even know was there!

And that is not what I’m here for. It’s not what you are here for either, beautiful human.

So, if it is not what you would expect, then what is it??

I’m so glad you asked!

To access the true gold of the human experience, in both 3D and 5D, you will receive access to a list of 3D emotions that have translations to 5D. From the list, you are able to request access to the 5D shift. Within 24 hours, you will receive a recording that guides you from 3D to 5D as well as an exercise and mantra.

The time between your request for the Crystalline Version of an emotion and when it arrives is meant for you to process the 3D emotion and reflect while codes embedded in the 3D emotion unlock. I’ll tell you more about how to navigate this time in the membership, but I wanted you to know this up front.

In the membership, you will also receive:

  • A short introductory video series reinforcing emotional health and fluency skills as well as basic information about the Crystalline Emotion™ technology to help orient you and create the space for your practice.
  • Content videos about Crystalline Emotion® to support you in deepening your understanding and practice of the technology so you can begin shifting your emotional processing system from 3D to 5D. (This content in newly downloaded and not seen elsewhere)
  • Quarterly coaching calls where you can submit questions or get coaching live with me to workshop shifting an emotion from 3D to 5D.

Investment: $77 USD / month. [Minimum 4 months]

Option to pay in full for 4 months: $250 USD

Doors open 9/28. Sign up to get on the waitlist below!